Zhang Lin1, Zhang Jie2, Yao Nanzhen3, *, Wang Honghai4, Liu Yongning5 


1Institute of computer engineering, AnHui SanLian University, China - 2School of Information Engineering, Huainan United University, China - 3Library of University of Science and Technology of China, China - 4ChaoHu University, China - 5North China Electric Power University, China


Objective: In order to solve the problem of difficult and expensive medical treatment over the years, a series of social contradictions have been triggered.

Methods: This paper proposes a general disease diagnosis technique based on case-based reasoning. This technology designs the case recombination, retrieval, and retention technology through professional knowledge structured expression, scientific keyword weight measurement, and feature word distribution calculation with inter-class dispersion.

Results: The algorithm model can be applied to the auxiliary diagnosis based on the patient's symptoms and the auxiliary diagnosis based on the results obtained by the diagnosis and treatment instrument. It can not only be used for self-diagnosis and treatment of patients but also can be used as a reference to assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment.

Conclusion: It provides an effective method for the establishment of disease auxiliary diagnosis techniques and related models.


Case-based reasoning, text frequency, retrieval model.