Xin Li1, Na Ding1, Junjie Yan1, Xiu Yu2, Haotian Ma3, Hongwei Guo3, Pengcheng Zhu4, Fei Shao4, Jianxin Zhang5


1Department of Physical Education, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Dalian, China - 2Nord Anglia Education, Dalian, China - 3Sport Institute, Liaoning Normal University - 4120 Middle School, Shenyang, China - 5Sport Institute,Liaoning Institute of Science and Engineering, Jinzhou, China


Objective: To investigate the effect of using trigger point Chinese medicine on the rehabilitation of athletes with chronic strain injury of the hip joint in golf. 

Methods: By adopting random sampling method, 80 athletes who had experience in golf and had symptoms of chronic hip strain were selected and divided into a control group (n=40) and an experimental group (n=40) according to the random number table method. The length of treatment was one month for both groups. Harris and Vas scores, hip function, hip flexion, quality of life, and patient satisfaction were recorded before treatment, the half a month of treatment, and one month of treatment for the control group and experimental group and were compared and analyzed. 

Results: In this study, by analyzing and comparing the control group and the experimental group, it was concluded that the conventional treatment plan was effective, but the course of treatment was long, and the effect was slow; combined with the trigger point, Chinese medicine, it could effectively restore the hip mobility of the athletes, and after one month experiment, it was shown that the experimental group had better treatment effect.

Conclusion: Through the combination of daily rehabilitation training and trigger point herbal medicine, TCM's relaxation technique, trigger point acupuncture therapy, and cupping therapy were used to carry out side-effect-free rehabilitation training with good effect and professionalism. The satisfaction and recovery of the experimental group were better than those of the control group, thus proving that trigger point Chinese medicine has an irreplaceable rehabilitation effect on the chronic strain injury of the hip joint of golf players, and that the trigger point acupuncture therapy significantly reduced the degree of hip pain, effectively restored the muscle strength of the hip joint and prolonged the length of the athletes' career.


Trigger point, TCM complex therapy, hip injury, golf.