Cui Shuyi1, Wang Junhui2, Liang Jiayan3, Liu Guangtian4, Yan Wen1


1The Fifth People's Hospital of Foshan, Foshan, China- 2Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University,Guangzhou, China - 3Dongguan Rehabilitation Hospital, Dongguan, China - 4Shishan Town Community Health Service Center, Foshan, China


Objective: To explore the effect of 3D printing acupoint treatment insoles on functional rehabilitation of senile osteoporotic low back pain. 

Methods: Fifty elderly patients with osteoporotic low back pain admitted to the outpatient or inpatient department of Foshan Fifth People's Hospital were divided into two groups by random number table method, with 25 cases in each group. Two groups of patients received routine rehabilitation treatment, including lumbar intermediate frequency electric therapy, Chinese medicine fumigation, manipulation loosening, and exercise training. At the same time as routine rehabilitation treatment, the observation group was treated with customized 3D printed acupoint treatment insoles, and the control group was treated with ordinary 3D printed insoles. After the production was completed, the insole was inserted into the flat-bottomed sneakers, and patients were required to wear them during daily walking for at least 6 hours a day. After 1 month of treatment, changes in VAS, ODI and FAI were observed in the two groups, and clinical efficacy was evaluated.

Results: There was no significant difference in VAS, ODI and FAI before treatment (P>0.05). After treatment, VAS, ODI, left and right FAI were decreased, and there were significant differences compared with before treatment (P<0.05). VAS and ODI in the observation group had 4.24±2.05 and 28.76 ±13.00 scores, respectively, which were significantly lower than the 5.36±1.66 and 44.8±14.69 scores in the control group (P<0.05). The left and right FAI scores in the observation group were 0.22±0.05 and 0.23±0.03, respectively, which were significantly lower than the scores of 0.25±0.04 and 0.25±0.03 in the control group (P<0.05). 

Conclusion: Through the synergistic application of traditional acupoint therapy and modern rehabilitation technology, 3D printing acupoint therapy orthopedic insole can relieve pain, improve lower limb motor function and maintain foot stability in elderly patients with osteoporosis and chronic low back pain. It has good promotion value in clinical application and promotion.


3D printing insole, personalized customization, acupoint therapy, elderly low back pain, osteoporosis.