Xiujuan Chen, Hui Cheng*


Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Suizhou Hospital Affiliated to Hubei Medical College (Suizhou Central Hospital), Suizhou 441300, Hubei, China


Introduction: In recent years, health education has been applied to the prevention and treatment of various diseases, which can provide patients with the necessary medical nursing knowledge and health guidance, and solve more health problems, but the nursing intervention effect of human papillomavirus infection patients is still unclear. 

Material and method: 920 adult women who underwent physical examination in Suizhou Hospital Affiliated to Hubei Medical College (Suizhou Central Hospital) from May 2021 to June 2022 were enrolled as the research objects. With a health knowledge and behaviours questionnaire of HPV, a questionnaire survey was conducted on the objects. Then, these objects were randomly sorted into two groups with 460 cases, respectively. One group was denoted as the control group, which adopted routine health knowledge education. The other group was recorded as the experimental group, in which health education intervention was implemented apart from routine health knowledge education. After the intervention period, the cervical cancer (CC)-related knowledge (CRK), HPV-related knowledge (HRK), and health behaviours for CC prevention and treatment (HB-CPT) of patients were scored and compared between groups. 

Result: Among the 920 adult women with healthy physical examinations, the most women were in the age range of 31-50 years old, and the most had an education background of high school or technical secondary school. Besides, the most had a ruralhousehold registration and were workers, with a relatively high proportion of income of 3,000-5,000 yuan. The vast majority of respondents had no history of chronic cervical diseases and HPV infection. After intervention, the CRK, HRK, and HB-CPT scores of the experimental group (8.23±0.84; 5.43±0.89; 8.23±0.84) were notably higher than control group (3.98±0.96; 1.41±0.47; 3.98±0.96). 

Conclusion: The health education could highly improve the cognition of patients with cervical HPV infection, which was of great significance for the prevention and treatment of related diseases.


Health Education, Cervical Human Papillomavirus Infection