Yu Zhang1,2*, Yue Yang1


1Department of Biology and Food Engineering, Bozhou University, Bozhou, 236800, China - 2Bozhou Key Laboratory of Biosynthesis of Effective Components of Medicinal Plants, Bozhou University, Bozhou, 236800, China


Ganodermalucidum is a precious medicinal fungus. As the medicinal part of Ganodermalucidum, Ganodermalucidum spore powder has various functions such as immune regulation, anti-tumor, treatment of nervous system diseases, and liver protection. Ganodermalucidum triterpenes can generally be separated and purified from different types of Ganodermalucidum, and the content of Ganodermalucidum triterpenes in Ganodermalucidum is often used as one of the criteria for judging the quality of Ganodermalucidum. Ganodermalucidum has a complex structure of triterpenoids, a highly oxidizing lanostane derivative, which is highly fat-soluble and difficult to dissolve in water. Therefore, the content of this subject is to optimize the extraction process of the total triterpenoids of Ganodermalucidum spore powder with ethanol extraction and ultrasonic assisted method, and use the extraction yield of Ganodermalucidum triterpenes as an indicator, and screen out the significant factors affecting the yield of Ganodermalucidum triterpenes through a single factor test , Using response surface design to optimize the extraction conditions of the total triterpenoids of Ganodermalucidum spore powder. For the extracted total triterpenes of Ganodermalucidum spore powder, the best extraction strips are ethanol volume fraction (80%), material-to-liquid ratio (1:20), ultrasonic power (400W), extraction temperature (40°C), extraction time (45min). With oleanolic acid as the reference substance, the color was developed with 5% vanillin-glacial acetic acid solution and perchloric acid. The absorbance of the sample was measured at a wavelength of 548 nm, and an ultraviolet spectrophotometric method was established to determine the total triterpene content in Ganodermalucidum spore powder.


Total triterpenes, optimization extraction, oleanolic acid, UV spectrophotometry.