Li Zheng1, Li Yunyao2, Tian Wenyan*


1Department of Neurology, Hebei University, Health Science Center, Hebei Baoding 071000 - 2Department of Neurology, Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University, Hebei Baoding 071000


Objective: Epilepsy is the general name of a kind of disease with the characteristics of recurrent seizures. Due to its different syndromes, different phenotypes and individual differences, it brings challenges to clinical treatment. 

Methods: At present, clinical treatment is limited to the combined application of a variety of antiepileptic drugs with different action mechanisms, which can only control some symptoms, and more than one third of patients may even aggravate the disease. However, great progress has been made not only in the research of gene mutations leading to epilepsy, but also in the molecular level of clarifying the pathogenesis of epilepsy.

Results: This paper summarizes the research progress of three proteins closely related to the pathogenesis of epilepsy and discusses the possibility of their treatment. 

Conclusion: In the next few years, the treatment of epilepsy may be different from the empirical treatment at this stage, but adopt the "precision medical" method for individualized targeted treatment. 


Epilepsy, gene mutation, protein, precision medicine.