Yanjie Hu, Liu Yang, Jie Zang, Sheng Wei, Lifeng Dong*


Department of Gastroenterology, Chui Yang Liu Hospital affiliated to Tsinghua University, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022, China


The metastasis of breast cancer is a complex process, which is involved by many genes and completed by many steps. The common sites of metastasis of breast cancer are bone, lung, liver, and brain. A 52-year-old woman with primary lobular carcinoma of the right breast in our hospital showed small bowel and colon metastases, which is a rare case. The regulation of metastasis related genes is the molecular basis of tumor metastasis. Metastasis related genes are a class of genes that can promote or block the potential of tumor metastasis without affecting the growth and proliferation of tumor cells. Transfer related genes can be divided into two categories: transfer promotion gene and transfer inhibition gene, which involves cell adhesion change, extracellular matrix degradation, cell migration and motor ability change and neovascularization. The elucidation of the mechanism of breast cancer metastasis related genes and downstream signal transduction pathways will lay a foundation for molecular diagnosis and individualized treatment of metastatic breast cancer.  


Breast cancer, metastasis, oncogene, tumor suppressor gene.