Junyan Li1, *, Min Li2


1The Technology and Media University of Henan Kaifeng, Kaifeng, Henan 475004, China - 2Henan University School of Physical Education and Sport, Kaifeng, Henan 475001, China


Introduction: Based on the interpersonal relationship subsystem of "ecological framework of physical education", this study aimed to explore the influence of social support of physical education teachers on physical activities of adolescents. The results show that the inappropriate words and deeds of teachers, the gender factors of teachers and the attitude of class teachers are the significant factors that determine students' physical activity. 

Materials and methods: Among them, the influence of teachers' improper words and deeds on students' sports participation is mainly reflected in improper teaching methods, improper speaking methods, improper punishment methods and improper image. The gender of teachers has a more significant impact on the adolescent high school girls. And the class teacher's control of students' school time has also become an important factor affecting the physical activity of high school students. 

Results: Specific suggestions: (1) Make the majority of physical education teachers aware of the negative impact of improper words and deeds on students' sports participation, help teachers to deal with classroom problems scientifically and artistically in the classroom, improve the teaching style of physical education teachers, form personalized and diversified teaching methods, establish a good teacher-student relationship, and strive to create an inclusive, friendly and suitable environment for students' sports participation. (2) The government and school employment departments should pay attention to the gender equality behind the imbalance in the number of male and female teachers, and improve the working environment of physical education teachers. Students of different genders, different skill levels and different project preferences shall be taught in different classes, and equal attention shall be paid to the sports participation of boys and girls. Male physical education teachers should be trained on gender awareness in female physical education classes to avoid the negative impact on female physical education participation in physical education classes. (3) Ensure the quantity and quality of students' physical education classes and the amount of extracurricular sports in school, organize sports activities jointly participated by teachers and students, create a school sports atmosphere with full participation, and form a sports campus with full participation. (4) Schools and local governments should establish clear rules and regulations and relevant management departments for teachers' inappropriate words and deeds, sexual harassment and the quantity and quality of physical education classes, improve students' awareness of safeguarding their rights, and form a long-term supervision and management mechanism. 

Conclusions: Establish safe and effective complaint channels for students, and incorporate relevant content into the assessment of schools and teachers.


Social-ecological model, teacher factor, senior high school student, physical activity, influence factor.