Sara A. Aldossary


Department of pharmaceutical sciences, college of clinical pharmacy, king faisal university, 31982 Alahsa, Saudi Arabia


Introduction: The outbreak of covid 19 (corona virus) brought with it so many disruption in several countries around the globe. This disruption caused by the disease forced some adjustment to be made in order for the countries to continue running other crucial parts of the economy with alternatives option. One major sector affected was the education sector as physical learning was barred following the nature of transmission of the disease causing countries to be on lockdown resulting in teachers adopting the online. 

Material and method: The study aim to measure different variables such as type of online class, experience on online learning before lockdown, number of classes, the interaction of students and teachers, reasons for not attending, advantages and disadvantages of online learning. This is a cross-sectional study curried out employing the most appropriate sampling technique in order to obtain the data from the participants using an online survey obtained from Google platform consisting of 18 questions which are adapted from a previous study. 

Results: Using the multiple choice questions, about 70% of the students are pleased with this method of learning and also prefer this method over the traditional method of teaching. However 59.4% would love for this method to be used together with the traditional method. In order to improve the online learning, majority of the student suggested the lecturer should have a proper technical set up.

Conclusion: The results shows that the students prefer the distance learning over the traditional and other want it to be incorporated and used together with the traditional method of learning.


COVID 19, online learning, pharmaceutical students.