Yiwei Yan#, *, Shengxiu Zhao#, Yuemei Li, Mingqin Luo, Shouhong Liu


Department of Nursing, Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital, Xining, Qinghai 810007, China


Introduction: To evaluate the status quo of professional values (PV), humanistic care cognition (HCC) and humanistic care ability (HCA) of standardized training nurses (STNs), and to analyze the path relationship among them. 

Materials and methods: 1166 STNs working in Qinghai Province from June to July in 2020 were enrolled using nurses' PV scale, HCC scale and HCA scale. 

Results: The PV of STNs were positively correlated with HCC and HCA and played a partial mediating role in the effect of HCA on HCC, whose mediating effect accounted for 30.4% of the total effect. 

Conclusion: Nursing managers should pay attention to the guidance and cultivation of PV when conducting standardized training for STNs, in order to better enhance their professional identity, HCA and HCC level. 


Standardized training, professional identity, humanistic care ability (HCA), humanistic care cognition (HCC), nurse.