Xiaoxue Wang*, Zhangsong Wang, Jing Chen, Chuting Lv


Department of Stomatology, Guangzhou Haizhu Stomatological Hospital, 11 Jiangnan Dadao North, Haizhu District, Guangzhou 510220, China


Introduction: Titanium and its alloys are widely used in the dental field as replacement materials for hard tissue such as dental implants and orthodontic wires. The oral cavity is a complex weakly acidic micro-ecosystem, and the presence of a large number of fungi may affect the oral implant materials. Select pure titanium, Ti-6Al-4V alloy and TiNi alloy as research materials to study the interaction between Candida albicans and these three alloys, and compare and analyze the corrosion resistance and gloss of the three alloys in the environment containing Candida albicans the differences provide a basis for the selection of later dental materials.

Materials and methods: The colonies in the logarithmic growth phase of Candida albicans were selected, and the three alloys were cultured in artificial saliva containing Candida albicans. Candida albicans and titanium materials will have a certain adhesion, and this interaction is closely related to the type of material; Candida albicans was cultured in artificial saliva with and without three titanium materials, and it was found that, Candida albicans will interact with titanium materials and affect the reproduction rate of its microorganisms in the logarithmic phase; 

Results: through the effect of Candida albicans on the color of titanium materials, it is found that Candida albicans only affects the green area of Co-Cr alloy, but affects the brightness, Yellow has no effect. 

Conclusion: In the presence of three different alloys, the metabolites of Candida albicans have different acidity and alkalinity, and the formed microbial films have different shapes and thicknesses. The interaction between Candida albicans and titanium implant materials will affect the corrosion resistance and color of the materials. Alloys The titanium material is more corrosion resistant than pure titanium material.


Saliva, candida albicans, titanium dental material, interaction.