Lin Ren, Fang Liu, Dongmei Guo, Linqing Gao, Yongping Ma* 


Stomatology of No.2 Hospital of Baoding City, Hebei Province, China


Introduction: To explore the influence and effect of clinical foresight care on oral dental implantation.

Materials and methods: 126 patients with conventional dental column defect implant surgery admitted from January 2020 to January 2022 were divided into control group (63 cases) and 63 cases (63 cases). The intervention group compared the improved dental anxiety scale (MDAS), depression self-evaluation scale (SDS) score, total care satisfaction and successful dental implant power.

Results: The MDAS score was significantly lower than that in the control group (P <0.05).Comparing the SDS score changes before and aftercare, the SDS score change was significantly lower in the intervention group than in the control group (P <0.05).The total nursing satisfaction score was significantly higher than the control group, statistically significant (P <0.05).The success rate of the two groups was compared (P >0.05).

Conclusion: Forespective nursing care can relieve patient anxiety and depression, reduce the incidence of periodontitis and improve patient satisfaction, which is worth being widely used in oral dental implant care.


Dental implant, predictive care, mouth, success rate.