Berrin Erok1, Ali Önder Atca2


1Department of Radiology, University of Health Sciences Prof Dr Cemil Tascioglu City Hospital, Turkey - 2Altinbas University School of Medicine Bahcelievler Medical Park Hospital, Radiology, İstanbul, Turkey


Encephalopathic symptoms including headache and altered mental status in hospitalized patients due to Covid-19 infection have been reported frequently in the recent literature.Moreover, neuroimaging correlation of some of these patients have been deonstrated with various forms of encephalitis. We aimed to describe the neuroimaging manifestations of an acute encephalitis with widespread involvement of deep white matter and deep gray matter areas that resolve following steroid treatment in a young male patient. We hope our case will add in the understanding of the range of neurological involvemnets related with Covid-19. More data about neuroimaging and neuropathological examinations are need to determine the neurotropism and particular types of involvements in the central nervous system.


encephalitis, encephalopathy, Covid-19.