Xin Li1, #, Jianxin Zhang2, #, *, Xiu Yu3, Yifeng Fu4, Hongwei Guo4, Linwei Zhao5, Bo Zhang6, Dong Li7 


1Physical Education Department, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang, Liaoning, China - 2Sports Institute, Liaoning Institute of Science and Engineering, Jinzhou, Liaoning, China - 3Nord Anglia Education, Dalian, Liaoning, China - 4Sports Institute, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian, Liaoning, China - 5Experimental High School of Yingkou, Yingkou, Liaoning, China - 6Huaihe Road Primary School of Yingkou, Yingkou, Liaoning, China - 7Track and Field Club of Runners, Dalian, Liaoning, China


Introduction: To explore the short-term recovery effect of Compex8.0 myoelectric stimulation on the fatigued muscles of tennis players, and to provide a basis for the rapid recovery of muscles after fatigue and the prevention of sports injuries.

Materials and methods: 16 male tennis players with the second-level and above majors in sports training in the Institute of Physical Education were recruited and randomly divided into 2 groups. Fatigue of the dominant quadriceps muscle was modeled under the eccentric-concentric motion mode with an angular velocity of 60°/s using an isokinetic muscle tester. After the end of the exercise program, the subjects all used Compex8.0 myoelectric stimulation for 10mins of recovery. The control group rested in place. Before exercise, immediately after exercise, and 10 mins after recovery, the maximum isometric muscle strength and explosive force were tested, and the data were analyzed and processed by SPSS.20.

Results: After the end of the exercise program, the maximum isometric muscle strength (MVIC) and explosive strength (MP) of the Compex8.0 EMG group were significantly decreased (P<0.05), and the quadriceps femoris was significantly fatigued; After recovery, the MVIC and MP values of the Compex8.0 EMG stimulation group increased significantly (P<0.05), while the recovery effect of the control group was not statistically significant (P>0.05); The recovery effect of MVIC and MP in the Compex8.0 EMG stimulation group was significantly different from that in the control group (P>0.05). 

Conclusion: Compex8.0 EMG can restore the maximum strength and explosive power of fatigued muscles in a short time, which can be used as an effective method for tennis players to quickly recover muscle fatigue during training or between competitions. 


Compex8.0, myoelectric stimulation, fatigue recovery, sports injuries, tennis players.