Songül Özyurt1, Neslihan Özçelik1, Abdurrahman Kotan1, Bilge Yilmaz Kara1, İskender Aksoy2, Aziz Gümüş1, Halit Çinarka3, Ünal Şahin1


1Recep Tayyip Erdogan University Training and Research Hospital, Chest Disease, Rize - 2Giresun University Prof. Dr. A. İlhan Özdemir Training and Research Hospital, Emergency Medicine Clinic, Giresun - 3Yedikule Chest Disease Hospital, Chest Disease, İstanbul


Objective: Despite the ongoing improvements in life support and antimicrobial therapy, pneumonia continues to be a major source of infection around the world. We aimed to investigate the superiority of CURB-65 (confusion, uremia, elevated respiratory rate, hypotension, and aged 65years or older), Pneumonia Severity Index (PSI), and quick Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (qSOFA) scoring in predicting mortality in patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) during the initial evaluation. 

Methods: The study included CAP patients who were hospitalized from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021. Age, gender, comorbid conditions, symptoms, smoking history, antibiotic use prior to admission, and laboratory data were recorded. CURB-65, PSI, and qSOFA scores were used as the pneumonia severity indicators. 

Results: Our study included 100 participants. The average age of the exitus patients was 84.5 and the survivors was 75 years. The mortality rate was 12%. For survivors, the score of ≤2 on the CURB-65 was statistically significant, while a score of ≥3 was statistically significant for the exitus patients. The survivors had a median PSI of 110.5, while the exitus patients had a median PSI of 148 (p<0,005). For the surviving patients, a qSOFA score of <1 was statistically significant, whereas for the exitus patients, a score of ≥1 was statistically significant. 

Conclusion: Comparison of CURB-65, PSI, and qSOFA scales revealed that all three were statistically significant in predicting mortality. We think that qSOFA is valuable in predicting mortality since it can be applied quickly and practically at the time of admission.


Community-acquired pneumonia, mortality, quick sequential organ failure assessment (qSOFA), pneumonia severity index (PSI), CURB-65.