Aiwei Li, Caiqin Wang, Hongxing Zhou, Guimei Li*


Department of Obstetrics, Qingdao Chengyang District People's Hospital, Qingdao, 266109, Shandong Province, China


Introduction: With the development of society and the improvement of female education level, the number of elderly parturients is increasing, but the older parturients face more risks of delivery, so it is necessary to prepare for the smooth delivery of healthy infants by elderly pregnant women in advance. Materials: 88 elderly pregnant women hospitalized in the Department of Obstetrics of XXX Hospital from January 2021 to May 2022 were selected as the study subjects.

Methods: 88 patients were randomly divided into experimental group (n = 44) and control group (n = 44) by random number table. Patients in the experimental group received mindful behavior training combined with position delivery, and patients in the control group received conventional nursing. The scores for depression and anxiety and pain, total labor process, and postpartum complications between two groups were compared.

Results: the scores for anxiety, depression, and pain of two groups on the day of discharge and 5 weeks after delivery all apparently reduced compared with those before delivery. Those of experimental group on the day of discharge and 5 weeks after delivery were remarkably lower than those of control group (P<0.05). Besides, total labor process of experimental group (488.33±49.08 minutes) was obviously shorter than that of control group (540.26±52.15 minutes) (P<0.05). Adverse delivery outcome rate of experimental group (13.64%) was obviously lower than that of control group (22.73%), and the difference demonstrated statistical significance (P<0.05).

Conclusion: mindful behavior training with position midwifery could not only alleviate pregnant women’s anxiety and depression and improve their confidence in child-rearing, but also shorten total labor process, improve delivery rate, and reduce the incidence of adverse delivery outcome with good clinical promotion value.


mindful behavior training; position midwifery; elderly parous women; anxiety and depression; delivery outcome; pain score.