Liwei Song1, *, Ning Ren2


1General Medical Dept, The First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan, PR China - 2Department of General Surgery, The Fifth People’s Hospital of Datong, Datong, PR China


Objective: To study the relationship between cystatin C (Cystatin C, Cys C), uric acid (Uric acid, UA), and blood pressure variability (Blood pressure variability, BPV) in patients with essential hypertension. 

Methods: 430 patients with essential hypertension were divided into 3 groups: grade 1 hypertension (96 patients), grade 2 hypertension (112 patients), and grade 3 hypertension (120 patients). 102 patients with normal blood pressure patients were designated as a control group. Patients’ Cys C and UA were tested, and their ambulatory blood pressure was monitored for 24h. The relationships between Cys C, UA, and BPV were analyzed. 

Result: Cys C, UA, and BPV of the grade 3 group were higher than other groups. Cys C was positively correlated with pulse pressure, 24hSSD, dSSD, and nSSD. UA was positively correlated with 24hDSD, nSSD, and nDSD. 

Conclusion: Levels of Cys C and UA are elevated in patients with hypertension, which increases blood pressure variability. Reducing levels of Cys C and UA may effectively control blood pressure in hypertensive patients, potentially improving their prognosis, quality of life, and survival rate. 


Hypertension, uric acid, cystatin C, blood pressure variability.