Ting Hu1, Xiaoli Wan2, *


1Department of Gynaecological Oncology, Sichuan Cancer Hospital (Sichuan Cancer Hospital & Institute), Chengdu, Sichuan Province, 610041, PR China - 2Department of gynecology, People’s Hospital of Leshan, Leshan, Sichuan Province, 614000, China


Objective: Based on the meta-analysis of health informatics, the effects of combined chemoradiotherapy and radiotherapy alone on postoperative survival rate and complications of endometrial cancer patients were compared.

Methods: Study engineering and computer by health interest rates in ten thousand medi cal, PubMed database, domestic research on medical journals such as health and biomedical literature database for information retrieval, the direction of radiation in the combined chemotherapy in patients with endometrial carcinoma postoperative survival rate and the influence of complications such as indicators of health information related literature, on the basis of health informatics chosen Rev Man 5.2 software for Meta analysis.

Results: According to the research object,method, disease type and other criteria,the retrieval literatures were screened,and a total of 7 literatures that met the criteria were finally included, with low publication bias. Meta analysis results showed that the 5-year OS,5-year progression-free rate and treatment complication rate of the radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy group were all higher than those of the radiotherapy alone group, and the 5-year recurrence rate of the radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy group was significantly lower than that of the radiotherapy alone group, with statistically significant differences (P<0.05). The sensitivity test results showed that the heterogeneity of the literature was small and had high reference value.

Conclusion: Radiotherapy in combination with chemotherapy can obviously reduce postoperative recurrence rate, endometrial cancer patients can prolong the overall survival and progression-free rate at the same time,is worth popularization and application, but the combination therapy may increase the risk of patients with postoperative complications, is a new challenge in the field of health care, is creating a new era in medical areas must overcome one difficulty, should actively learn the new complication protection knowledge and skills, adopt effective protective measures to reduce the incidence of complications and complications for patients life security, create a new era of the radiation and chemotherapy treatment.


Radiotherapy, endometrial carcinoma, meta analysis, adjuvant chemotherapy, overall survival rate, health informatics, complications, a new challenge.