Lin Liu1, Guangyin Liu2, JinGwei He1, Yingchun Zhao1, HonG Jia1, GuiHua SHi1


1Department of Nutrition treatment, Tangshan Workers’ Hospital, Tangshan, 063000,Hebei, China - 2Department of Breast surgery, Tangshan Workers’ Hospital, Tangshan, 063000, Hebei, China


 Objective: Study the effects of systematic nutritional assessment on nutritional support and prognosis in patients with severe cranial nerves.

Methods: The clinical data were studied in a randomized controlled study. The clinical data were from the patients in the neurol- ogy intensive care unit of First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University from January 2014 to January 2015. The control group received routine nutritional support; the experimental group was given a systematic nutritional assessment by the nutrition support group, and the nutritional support plan was formulated according to the assessment results.

Results: The distribution of diseases prognoses in the experimental group and the control group: 56 and 37 were improved, 17 and 28 were discharged from the hospital, 11 and12 were transferred to another hospital or department, 2 and 5 were dead. The im- provement rate in the experimental group was higher than that in the control group (65.1%FVS45.1%); the mortality rate was lower than that in the control group (2.3%VS6.1%). The difference was statistically significant (P<0.048).

Conclusions: Through dynamic evaluation, continuous improvement of nutritional support scheme in critically ill patients can reduce the incidence of hypoproteinemia and pulmonary infection, and is of positive significance in improving the nutritional status and prognosis of the critically ill patients.


Systematic nutrition assessment, Nutrition support in patients with severe cranial nerves, Prognosis