Fangsu Feng1, Qingping Han1, Wu CHen1, XiaoXiao Qiu2


1Department of Gynecology, The People’s Hospital of Pingyang,Wenzhou,Zhejiang 352400,China - 2Department of Pathophysiology Wenzhou Medical University University Town, Chashan,Wenzhou, Zhejiang 325035 China


 Objective: The object of the study is to research the expression macrophage migration inhibitory factor and Hypoxia inducible factor-1α in Ovarian endometriosis and their relevance.

Method: Immunohistochemical method and stereology method were used to respectively detect ectopic endometrium and eutopic endometrium of 45 OEms patients (OEms group) as well as MIF and HIF-1αexpression of 45 cases of endometrial tissues without en- dometriosis (contol group). Computer image analysis system was also used to test MOD (Mean Optical Density), the stereology index.

Results: By comparing ectopic endometrium and eutopic endometrium in OEms group and MIF and HIF-1α values in control group, it can be found that they are of statistic significance in their groups (P<0.01). In europic secretory phase, the expression of MIP protein in OEms group is higher than that of the control group in the same phase (P<0.05); the expression HIF-1α protein in OEms group in estrin phase is higher than that in secretory phase (P<0.05) and that in the control group in the same phase(P<0.05).

Conclusion: MIF and HIF-1αare relevant and participate in the occurrence and development of Ovarian endometriosis.


MIF, HIF-1α, endometriosis, immunohistochemical