Domenico Tafuri, Vincenzo Raiola, Lorenzo Donini


Parthenope University - Naples, Italy


Football is subject to many variables depending on the opponents, the field, the teammates and the presence of the ball. In fact this is a situational sport. For this sport, the aspects that concern significantly training are the technical-tactical ones  and conditional or organic-muscular. The study is based on the theory of periodization, which consists in dividing the training year into time intervals with clearly defined goals to be achieved in each period.

The study was carried out on 2 male football player belonging to a senior football club, through the use of the Cooper test, the Maximum Strength test, the endurance test and the psychometric and body circumferences detection which determined the assessment and performance improvements in the different periodization phases.

The research objective is to assess the conditional improvements after the training period, and the evaluation of the moment of peak performance during the competitive period under evaluation. 


Football, Training Methodologies, Periodization, Sport.