Qin Xiong*, Sishuang Huang**,#


*Department of Blood Transfusion, Hanchuan People's Hospital, Hanchuan, PR China - **Department of Clinical Laboratory, Hanchuan People's Hospital, Hanchuan, PR China


Aim: To investigate the diagnostic value of the serum ribonucleic acid 378 (miR-378), angiopoietin-like protein 2 (ANGPTL2), hypoxia-inducible factor 1α (HIF-1α) and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) alone or in combination in the detection of gastric cancer patients. 

Methods: Eighty patients with gastric cancer admitted to our hospital from July 2015 to February 2017 were selected as the experimental group. Eighty healthy subjects who were admitted to the hospital at the same time were selected as the normal control group. The levels of HIF-1α and ANGPTL2 were determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA); CEA levels were determined by chemiluminescence method; Total RNA was extracted from80 L serum by total RNA extraction reagent TrIZOL. Real-time quantitative fluorescence quantitative PCR reactions were performed on a fluorescent PCR detector. U6snRNA was used as internal reference gene. The relative expression level of miRNA was calculated by 2-△△ct, where △ct = ct target gene -CtU6. 

Results: Compared with the normal control group, the levels of HIF-1α, ANGPTL2 and CEA in the experimental group were significantly increased, and the levels of mir-378 were significantly decreased. The comparison of indicators between the two groups was statistically significant (P<0.05). Mir-378, HIF-1α, ANGPTL2 and CEA have certain value in the diagnosis of gastric cancer. In the independent detection, the auc of mir-378, HIF-1α, ANGPTL2 and CEA of gastric cancer patients were 0.804, 0.791, 0.821 and 0.779, respectively, with the highest diagnostic value of ANGPTL2, followed by mir-378 and HIF-1α, and the worst diagnostic value of CEA (P>0.05). Joint detection of gastric cancer patients with CEA ﹢ HIF-1α﹢ ANGPTL2 + miR-378, HIF-1α﹢ ANGPTL2 + miR-378, CEA ﹢ miR-378, CEA ﹢ ANGPTL2, CEA ﹢ HIF- 1α area under the ROC curve were 0.912, 0.851, 0.769, 0.754, 0.721. The CEA ﹢ HIF-1α﹢ ANGPTL2 + miR-378 four joint detection of the highest value to the diagnosis of gastric cancer. 

Conclusion: The levels of HIF-1α, ANGPTL2 and CEA in gastric cancer patients are significantly higher than those in healthy subjects, and the level of miR-378 is significantly lower than that in healthy subjects. The above indicators can be used as an effective indicator for the diagnosis of gastric cancer, either alone or in combination, and the combined detection has a higher diagnostic accuracy for patients with gastric cancer.


miR378, ANGPTL2, HIF-1α, CEA, gastric cancer.