Meihua Chen, Yu Bai, Xianju Zhou, Wei Chen, Dan He, Yan Li


Department of Neurology, the Affiliated Changzhou No.2 People’s Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, Changzhou 213000, China


Objective: To investigate the application of FMS and NIHSS score in recovery of limb motor function of patients with acute cerebral infarction.  

Methods: 90 patients with acute cerebral infarction hospitalized in our department of neurology were continuously collected. All patients were given early rehabilitation and they were divided into a good prognosis group and a poor prognosis group according to the 90d modified Rankin scale (mRS). Patient's limb function was assessed using the simplified Fugl-Meyer scale (FMS) and the National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale (NIHSS). Baseline data, admission, and 90-day NIHSS scores and FMS scores were compared between the two groups. The sensitivity of the two scoring methods to the prediction of limb function recovery was compared according to the postoperative 90-day working characteristic curve (ROC). 

Results: A total of 90 patients were included, of which 55 (61.1%) had a good prognosis and 35 (38.9%) had a poor prognosis. The age of the patients in the poor prognosis group (t = 4.450, P = 0.038), diabetes incidence (x 2 = 4.234, P = 0.040), admission NIHSS score (t = 9.173, P = 0.003) and 90d NIHSS score ( t = 16.226, P = 0.000) were higher than the prognosis group, 90dFMS score t = 30.792, P = 0.000) lower than the prognosis group. The limb function recovery was predicted using the admission FMS score, admission NIHSS score, 90dFMS score, and 90d NIHSS score.

Conclusion: Early rehabilitation of patients with cerebral infarction has important significance in the recovery of limb motor function. When the NIHSS score was used to predict the recovery of limb function in patients with cerebral infarction, the specificity is significantly better than the FMS score, which has a higher guiding value for the precision assist of patients with cerebral infarction.


Acute cerebral infarction, recovery of limb function, NHISS score, FMS score