Yunlou Zhu*, Yuhao Liu*, Sheng Wang#


*Department of critical care medicine, Tenth People's Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University, Shanghai, 200000, China


Objective: Exploring the reasons for delaying offline with endotracheal intubation patients after abdominal surgery. 

Methods: A retrospective analysis of 50 patients with orotracheal intubation after abdominal surgery was performed and transferred to the surgical ICU (SICU). Among them, 16 cases were offline failure after operation, and the clinical indicators of patients in the offline successful and failed groups were detected. 

Results: Pulmonary fungal infection, severity of shock, age, intraoperative blood loss, and other factors will affect the patient's time of weaning, so that the ventilator treatment time is prolonged. 

Conclusions: There are many factors in the failure of mechanical ventilation offline. Mechanical ventilation should be flexible and offline, and the patient's condition should be comprehensive evaluated to ensure offline success. 


mechanical ventilation, offline failure, endotracheal intubation, abdominal surgery.