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2012 - Medica 2 - Acta medica mediterranea

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77 Jewish medicine and surgery in Sicily before 1492
83 CPK increase as an occult marker of cerebrovascular disease: a case report
89 A restrictive pathology in a patient with hypercapnic respiratory failure
91 Analysis and recommendations on atrial fibrillation perioperative. Clinical experience
95 Prognostic role of procalcitonin in thr early detection of patients at risk of post-operative infection
99 Correction of SCARS by autologous fat graft and platelet rich plasma (PRP)
101 Different forms of dysgraphia in brain-damaged patients
105 Use of noninvasive cerebral stimulation techiniques in aphasia: an updating
109 The most frequent medical and surgical neuralgias: physiopathology and clinical pictures
113 Parkinson
117 Parkinson
123 Parkinsonism with cognitive impairment
127 Diabetic neuropathy. Clinical varieties
133 Diabetic neuropathy. Diagnosis
139 Axonal and demyelinating motor neuropathies. Differential diagnosis
141 Unusual primary headache disorders. Differential diagnosis
145 An unusual case of headache and dysphagia: ALS dementia complex. Case Report
149 Main focal muscular atrophies of medical and surgical interest
153 Restless Legs Syndrome
157 Grading of cerebral gliomas: combined role of MRI studies of perfusion and spectroscopy in compari-son with the study of conventional MRI technique
163 Performances evaluation of a bis-gma resin-based composite for dental restoration
167 Psychopathologic disease in patients with tinnitus: a case control of an outpatient cohort
171 Tinnitus patients: etiologic, audiologic, and psychological profile