Department of Image, Huaihe Hospital of Henan University, Kaifeng, 475001, China


Objective: This study aims to observe the effects of valproate and adiponectin on AdipoR1 and OPG expression in bone tis- sues of rats with diabetic nephropathy (DN), and investigate the protective effect of sodium valproate on osteoporosis caused by elevated adiponectin levels.

Methods: The Wistar rat DN model was established. The DN model rats were randomly divided into three groups, and a control group was assigned at the same time. Twelve weeks later, rats were sacrificed; and 24-hour urine volume, blood glucose, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, blood calcium, blood phosphorus and ALP were determined. Furthermore, plasma adiponectin in rats were measured by ELISA, 24-hour urinary albumin was determined by the immunoturbidimetric method, bone tissue structure was detected under a light microscope (LM), bone mineral density was determined by the dual energy X-ray method, and the expression of AdipoR1 and OPG in rat bone tissues were detected by immunohistochemical method.

Results: AdipoR1 expression in rat bone tissues increased, and OPG expression decreased in the APN group. Furthermore, in the APN group, blood calcium and ALP expression significantly increased compared with the normal group (P<0.05). After the intervention of VPA, AdipoR1 expression in bone tissues decreased, the expression of OPG increased, and APN, calcium and ALP expression significantly decreased, compared with the APN group (P<0.05).

Conclusion: Adiponectin may be involved in the development of DN osteoporosis. Sodium valproate may improve osteoporosis in DN rats through the inhibition of APN formation and the increasing of OPG.


diabetic nephropathy rats, bone mineral density, adiponectin, AdipoR1; osteoprotegerin