School of Physical Education, Shihezi University, Shihezi, 832000, China


Introduction: During basketball training period, simple Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) rupture is not often occurred, however the therapeutic methods for such injury have long been a controversial topic. In this research, non-surgical rehabilitation treatment was applied for basketball player with PLC rupture, and followed investigations of therapeutic effects were performed.

Method: In this work, 50 basketball players with simple PCL rupture, who had been treated in our hospital from Apr 2012 to Apr 2016, were selected as research objects, and all the selected basketball players were injured due to basketball reason. For all the selected players, a 5-stage non-surgical rehabilitation scheme with gradually increased load was applied. The first stage began from the 1st day to the 5th day since got injured; the second stage started from the 6th day to the 20th day since got injured; the third stage started from the 21st day to the 25th day since got injured; the fourth stage began from the 26th day to the 30th day since got injured; and the last stage started from one month later since got injured, during which injured players were allowed to train with their team, in the hope of maintaing their physical strengths by gradually increasing exercise amount. From the 38th to the 78th day since got injured, KT2 test was performed to test the stress levels of quadriceps femoris of their both legs.

Results: Through rehabilitation treatment, injured players can return to basketball training after averagely 38 days since get injured, morevoer the quadriceps femoris strength of injured leg can recover to around 102% level of that of the non-injured leg. At the first test, the ratio between injured knee strength and non-injured knee strength was 0.52:1, can then increased to 0.96:1 at the 14th day since got injured. After returing to basketball training, knee joint injuries did not reappear, the therapeutic effect was ideal and the satisfaction degree on the treatment was high.

Conclusion: Regarding simple PCL rupture of basketball player, non-surgical rehabilitation treatment can achieve ideal therapeutic effect, promote the function recovery of knee joint , significantly reduce and eliminate symptoms of knee joint, and accelerate the recovery as soon as possible.


Female gymnasts, Special sports injury, Psychological stress, Treatment effect