1School of Sports Human Science, Jilin Sport University, Changchun, 130022, China - 2School of Sports and Arts, Jilin Sport University, Changchun, 130022, China


This paper mainly observed the influence of eccentric contraction strength training on the structure, serum ck, and biome- chanical property of muscle of track and field athlete under different tensions, analyzed the internal relation between exercise- induced muscle injury and mechanical factors. In this paper, the research method was to establish a dynamic and quantitative test model for testing muscle strength training and the biomechanical property of an alive rat, and conducted cyclical eccentric strength training for ankle joint dorsal muscle group of SD male rats under two groups of different applied loads. According to the research results, it can be seen that after eccentric movement, the difference in terms of structure, serum ck, biomechanical prop- erty of rat muscle between high tension group and low tension group was not of statistic significance, P>0.05. It can conclude that the high tension, which was resulted by eccentric contraction, was the primary factor to cause exercise-induced muscle injury.


Strength training, Exercise-induced muscle injury in track and field sports, Eccentric exercise, Biomechanical pro- perty.