Department of Physical Education, Chang’an University, Xi’an, 710064, China


To fully define clinical effects of massage manipulation for gymnasts’ ankle sprain and contusion, and find new method for gymnasts injury, this paper makes retrospective analysis of treatment materials of 1,200 Gymnasts’ ankle sprain and contusion. According to different treatment methods, they are divided into observation group and control group, respectively 800 cases, 400 cases. Injury patients in observation group were treated with traditional Chinese massage manipulation, while injury patients in control group received conventional western way of treatment. Used drugs are Voltaren, to be administered in external applica- tion. Half a month after treatment, ankle injury symptoms and recovery of ankle function before and after treatment were com- pared and effect evaluation was done from such dimensions as ankle injury pain, joint swelling, joint tenderness, joint dysfunc- tion. The results show that after massage manipulation, ankle symptoms and functional activity index scores of injury patients in observation group are significantly reduced. Compared with the situation before treatment, improved difference significantly P<0.05, statistically significant. In comparison of indexes of the two groups, ankle function recovery of observation group patients is obviously better than that of control group patients, differences between the two groups P <0.05, with statistically sig- nificant differences. Therefore, the results of this study fully confirm that treatment of Gymnasts’ ankle sprain and contusion with massage manipulation can effectively improve patients’ ankle function, and help patients relieve pain, with good therapeutic effect and high clinical value.


Massage, Ankle joint, Skeletal injury, Ligament injury, Clinical efficacy.