College of Physical Education, Hunan University, Changsha, 410028, China


Purpose: To analyze the factor causing ankle joint injury of Martial Arts Routine Athletes and propose related countermea-


Method: analyzing the data of 2,600 martial art athletes with ankle joint injuries who received by various hospitals from

Feb, 2013 to Aug, 2015. From the angle of exercise physiology and theories of sport training, this paper conducted effective analysis of the factors causing ankle joint injury of Martial Arts Routine Athletes according to the specific feature of martial art athlete and implemented corresponding countermeasures, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of ankle joint injuries, improve technical level of martial arts athlete, and guarantee their health.

Results: The injured location of martial arts athlete is dominated by ankle joint, and the most significant cause is due to nonstandard movement, incorrect skill, lack of self-protection awareness, and fear of the movement.

Conclusion: in the process of training or competition, it is easy to cause ankle joint injury, which is mainly due to nonst dard movement and insufficiency of self-protection awareness. Therefore, it suggest improve self-protection awareness of athletes, so as to help them over fear mentality and guarantee their health.


Martial Arts, Athletes, Routine, Ankle joint; Injury, Cause, Countermeasure.