1 Department of Educational Technology, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran, Iran - 2 Kermanshah University o Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, Iran


Basij organization is determined to use potentials and capabilities of the elite to achieve realization of Iran’s transcendental. Determination the pathology of Participation and Volunteer work the elite medical science in Basij is of significance importance. The qualitative content analysis was conducted Volunteer work group discussion and interview. A closed-ended questionnaire was designed and the importance degree was determined through Likert scale. The questionnaire sent to all of the elite after determining its reliability Volunteer work retest and Cronbach's alpha methods. Descriptive statistics (frequency distribution, mean, standard deviation) and non-parametric statistical binominal test were calculated (SPSS ver. 20 and EXCEL). In first step, forty-eight of the elite of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah including 12 females and 36 males, 45% with PhD degree and in the second step 120 elites 62% male, with MA (41%) were participated. cultural, scientific, research, economic and political themes and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats categories were determined. Subcategories including damages in Participation area, cultural (42), scientific (17), research (25) and Volunteer work area, cultural (27), scientific (26) and research (29) were identified. In the second step, by Volunteer work binomial test, 24 items were selected with "very important" score. In all areas, participants have raised more items for weak points. So the highest obstacles exist within the Basij organization


The Elite, Basij, Pathology, Participation, Medical Sciences, Volunteer work.