Department of Psychology, Tonekabon Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tonekabon, Iran


This study was conducted with the aim of comparing the four methods of cognitive, medical, and integrative (cognitive + medical) and placebo therapy in the treatment of depression resulting from generalized anxiety disorder. The study population included all of those referents (men and women) to the public and private psychotherapy and counseling centers in Tonekabon that 40 individuals were selected from among the statistical population and were randomly assigned to four treatment groups of 10 people. The design of the present study was quasi-experimental and data collection instruments were Beck's Depression Inventory Short Form and Hamilton's Rating Scale. The results of the analysis of statistical data of the research showed that all of the four methods of therapy have been effective whether at the end of 2 months period of therapy or during preventive period in reducing depression along with generalized anxiety disorder but the effectiveness of the integrative therapy method regarding the three methods of medical, cognitive and placebo was not confirmed.


Cognitive therapy, medical therapy, integrative therapy, placebo, depression, generalized anxiety.