The First Hospital of Putian, Teaching Hospital, Fujian Medical University, Putian 351100, Fujian Province, People’s Republic of China


Introduction: Spontaneous isolated celiac and superior mesenteric artery dissection is rare, but it might have been underesti- mated due to the possibly occult presenting symptoms and good outcomes. The natural history is unpredicatable due to its large variations of the clinical features.

Case presentation: A 50-year-old patient had complained of abdominal pain. Abdominal computed tomography revealed spon- taneous isolated celiac and superior mesenteric artery dissection. He was conservatively managed with nitroglycerin infusion, atro- pine injection and warfarin intake and his pain was relieved soon.

Conclusions: There have been no established therapeutic alogrithms for the management of the spontaneous isolated splanch- nic artery dissection. Conservative treatment is preserved for most patients with stable hemodynamics. In the condition of unstable hemodynamics, progression of dissection and signs of splanchnic ischemia, a surgical, interventional, or hybrid treatment is warran- ted.


celiac artery; dissection; superior mesenteric artery